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So far WDS has proven to be fairly stable, but there are people who claim to have seen mysterious crashes every now and then. Now my question: if I was to implement a method in WDS that allows me to get a crash dump (or call it “snapshot”) of WDS at the moment of the crash, would the users be willing to send that information or not?

Yes, there may be sensitive information included in that it might also contains file or folder names. Otherwise no sensitive data will be transmitted. Windows Error Reporting (WER), which is part of Windows at least since XP does the same in a semi-transparent way to Microsoft (and commercial third-party vendors through Microsoft’s WinQual).

I want your thoughts.


// Oliver

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  1. Jan says:

    If you implement a solution which would ask for permission before sending information, then I’m suree you’d get some crash reports.

    Those who don’t like to send information can say “no”, and that’s about it.

  2. Gijs Mos says:

    Agree with Jan. Never had it crashing though.

  3. Shiro says:

    What? And you will see where I hide all my pr0n? :mrgreen:

    Nevermind if you make it like WER. Keep up the good work!

  4. Me says:

    It would at least be useful for sending reports from test systems. Data privacy reasons make it questionable for production environments.

  5. alicroche says:

    Anything as long as it helps a new version to come out ! 😀

  6. Tim says:

    For me it would be a case by case basis as my company does deal with sensitive information, but I do appreciate the importance of sending debug info when possible.

  7. Loz says:

    I can see how this would be an issue for people like Tim.

    Just a thought, perhaps if you limit the ability to submit a report to administrators only. I assume most workers in a company like that would only have standard accounts, so only people who know what they are doing will have access to it.

    Apologies if my idea is complete nonsense.

  8. AYA says:

    Agree with first comment. No problems to report if you ask permission before.

    One questions about new version – can it correctly count size for _hardlinks_? (as far as i know, softlinks correcty counted in old version, but hardlinks – not, it counts all of them separately)

  9. Jeroen says:

    Hi everyone, I didn’t know where else to post this but concerning the MFT.
    I have downloaded a search program called “everything” on

    This seems to be using something similar because when you search something on your hard drive it is lightning fast because you immediately get all filenames corresponding the search including the size of it.

    Maybe something to look at it?



  10. salam says:

    Hi, is WDS works with Win 7 64 bit. Thanks in advance

  11. cavallogoloso says:

    put out a VERY BIG notice “THIS SENDS SENSITIVE PERSONAL DATA” (and somewhere you could specify what kind of personal data) and then a very very big “YES” and “NO” … user choice! 🙂

  12. Oliver says:

    Well, it is not necessarily sensitive or “personal” data. I’m not going to include some panicky warning that goes overboard and defeats the purpose (i.e. getting people to submit dumps).

    Remember, the most personal data that could get sent are file/folder names. And sending a saved scan is entirely up to the user if some issues are encountered. And that will not be semi-automated or automated ever.

    Either way it will be an opt-in thing, not opt-out – once during installation (probably including during upgrades).

    PS: an IP address may be considered personal data in some jurisdictions, but unless you are an ISP and/or Google you have no way of mapping it to a person – being an individual myself.

  13. cavallogoloso says:

    right 😳

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