Reddit: /r/WinDirStat

Find it here. The link is also in the link list in the sidebar.

// Oliver

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2 Responses to Reddit: /r/WinDirStat

  1. Montse says:

    Where could I download the portable version of WinDirStat? Thanks

  2. Oliver says:

    Truth be told, there is no portable version released. The main reason was that when the ZIP file was offered (yes, even in times of XP when a double click would open the archive), people didn’t know what to do with it and turned to us for support, which ate up considerable amounts of time that didn’t go into fixing defects or improving features.

    I heard has a portable version, but I don’t know how it looks or if it’s the latest version.

    In the future I plan on offering a portable version officially, which will then use an .ini file in place of the registry.

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