Migration in progress

As I have already hinted before, the migration off of Bitbucket is now in progress. So don’t be alarmed if you find some repositories disappearing and what not.

I have taken copies of all relevant items and I’ll be happy to provide a copy to everyone interested in one.

// Oliver

PS: yes, issues will also be migrated, but I am not sure as of yet how I’ll get those back into whatever I will be using in the future. Similarly the Wiki poses an issue as well, but I am contemplating the use of Sphinx to generate a static set of pages from those contents.

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3 Responses to Migration in progress

  1. Eldon Gaw says:

    Hi there,
    I came to your site because of a suggestion I read on “How to Geek” about figuring out why my 1TB drive is full..
    The first thing they suggested was to check out the blog and here I am, “checking out the blog”.
    Unfortunately not a single word of it means diddly squat to me..
    I have no idea what bit bucket, or any of the other geeky terms mean, and that scares me.
    Can you tell a computer moron if this is the service/program/(winbdirstat)or what ever you call it, that I, as an IDIOT, Internet Dummy Incredibly Out (of ) Touch is what I should be using, or will I incredibly die way out on a limb so far I can never return to the “tree”??

  2. Oliver says:

    Hi Eldon, yep WinDirStat can be used for the purpose. You see, since WinDirStat is Free Software, its audience isn’t limited to end users like yourself. And so the blog entry you were commenting on was simply intended for other developers interested in contributing WinDirStat.

    For you as an end-user it probably doesn’t matter at all. Use the search feature or the categories (listed on the right side) to find what information you were interested in. Most of the time people will come here because they are confused about the “Unknown” pseudo-entry.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Dario says:

    Just want to say I keep coming back to windirstat, year after year, computer after computer. Thanks for creating and maintaining one of the top free tools out there.

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