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Anonymous letter … download problems?!

Today I got a complaint email, so I thought no problem, answer it friendly and things will somehow be solved. The email contained the following text: I was told to go to Source Forge to download the WinDirStat program. Fortunately … Continue reading

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Mailing list will be moderated from now on

Hi, the WDS feedback mailing list is going to be moderated from now on. This decision was made since we finally get more spam than useful messages on this mailing list. Not moderating it means positive, rather than negative, feedback … Continue reading

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@Developers: Your feedback needed

I have a request to the developers among our users. If you would write a plugin for WDS, which functionality would you like to provide to the users? …this question aims to find out which hooks to provide. Also if … Continue reading

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Betatest postponed

Hi, some people may have noticed that I moved to Iceland. This means big changes in my personal life, so that the beta test can not commence in November. I aim for end of January but I am not sure … Continue reading

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WinDirStat featured on Japanese website

Today WinDirStat was featured on the Japanese website “Windows Forest” today. Although I don’t know any Japanese it looks as if they like it 😉 In case one of you is Japanese and you want a Japanese translation in long-term, … Continue reading

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