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Problems viewing the help file contents?

Occasionally people install (or run) WDS from a network drive/share. The HTML help file viewer of Windows, however, is configured so that it restricts all HTML content over the network, including these types of resources. Consequently the viewer will show … Continue reading

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What is “<Unknown>”?

WDS shows a certain item labelled “<Unknown>” and recently someone posted a comment asking for details: i think it would be nice to put in the faq or in help or in some docs what’s in the <unknown> space sometimes … Continue reading

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Another re-release of 1.1.2 – only interesting for Dutch people

Tonight I re-released the installer for WDS 1.1.2 once more to include the Dutch translation which I had forgotten to include in the last update from September. So if Dutch is your mother tongue and you’d like to get WinDirStat … Continue reading

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WDS in der c’t

Diese Woche am die c’t 21/06 raus und WinDirStat ist auf der CD enthalten und in einem (sehr kurzen) Artikel erwähnt. Genau weil ich schon vor Wochen von einem c’t-Redakteur angeschrieben wurde, gibt es überhaupt ein deutsches Setup. // Oliver

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Mailing “list” for betatesters created

Hi, some days ago I created a mailing list (it’s actually only an alias diverting messages to all who are in the destination field) for the betatesters and sent the first message. If you did not receive one but already … Continue reading

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WDS featured in c’t

This week c’t 21/06, a German computer magazine was published along with WinDirStat on the CD. Although the brief article misspells it as WindDirStat I am very glad it is featured there. Especially for this reason I had also prepared … Continue reading

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