WinDirStat causing blue screens?

Several users had contacted us and claimed that WDS caused their systems to show the dreaded BSOD. As a driver developer I know that this is impossible since no user mode program can crash the system with BSOD unless some driver or other kernel mode component fails to check its parameters or whatever else.

Anyhow, one of the users sent me a minidump. This is the only way to find out who’s the culprit after a BSOD. In fact a full dump does as well, but a full dump has the size of the RAM on the user’s machine which is not usually practical (given sizes of 1 GiB and more).

The minidump showed that the fault had occured in a component of the Novell Client software. Although this justifies a strong suspicion, it is not a guarantee, since the respective bugcheck code occurs if some kernel mode component has corrupted the memory of the driver shown as faulty. My only recipe was to update the client software, if possible. There is no other way than this or uninstalling it completely (which usually isn’t an option at all ;)).

// Oliver

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