Splash screen and logo

Hi everyone,

Storm! has joined the team and provided us with a new logo and splash screen. Have a look. And please comment:

Splash screen and logo

// Oliver

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14 Responses to Splash screen and logo

  1. Its good as a splashscreen. However, you need something simpler for an actual logo.

  2. Reiser says:


  3. Bernhard Seifert says:

    That’s wonderful!


  4. Frits says:

    Sorry, but no. Weak form, bad layout, not so great drawing. Really not up to speed with a great tool like WDS. You deserve a lot better!

  5. Reiser says:

    Interesting art.

  6. myckolah says:

    These letters are bad, but the tree with roots is quite clear.

  7. Matt says:

    I’d make it smaller. Like the previous poster, it is good for a splash screen, but even for a splash screen it is too big. I’d get something smaller…

  8. Remijdio says:

    Nice splash screen. Also wanted to stop by and just say thanks a bunch for developing the program. I’ve found it extremely useful. I’m sure it’s growing usefulness will be seen as more and more venders make SSD drives with starved amounts of space.

  9. Peter says:

    Please, is the WindirStat product dead ?
    What’s the point of creating logo’s for something that hasn’t seen an update in 5 years ?????? 😕

  10. Oliver says:

    Just check out the project feed on SourceForge and judge for yourself.

  11. Alan says:

    Please, this is a great program, but some more visible indications of progress would really help to keep followers interested. All that seems to have happened in nearly a year is that Storm has made a dodgy splash screen.

  12. tuqueque says:

    Hello Oliver… I’ve sent you an email (to your contact address) with a new logo/image proposal; let me know if you received it and tell me what do you think. 🙂

    This is a great program and I’d like to make my small contribution.


  13. cavallogoloso says:

    gosh! this is a terrible splash screen! 🙁
    some much “sober” or modern… i see that you have a good designer for the icons… that icon could be a good splash screen starting point! 🙂

  14. daniel beam says:

    Why not draw a pic with a windsock to sho dir on an airfeild or sometohing with W.D.S on the sock use the color cds for the windsock pole just a sug. But the tree is cool.

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