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Hi folks,

here is another logo proposal from Venezuela. Frankly, I find it more original than the logo suggested by Storm!. In a strange way it condenses the meaning of what WinDirStat does into a symbol. However, I found there were some demeaning comments about Storm! who also put his time and work into creating his logo. Perhaps you folks could consider that all of this is done in our spare time and in all these years there was only one patch sent to us from outside the team. So please: keep it real πŸ˜‰

Anyhow, here are the logos and icons as suggested by tuqueque (click for full resolution):

Black and white, plus icons - first proposal

About box as image, plus icons - second proposal

The logos scale neatly as they are in a vector-format.

Please comment. It seems it was put under Creative Commons Attribution, but since there exist variants of that license, I’m going to check back. Until then, for your consideration.

Logo design by Robin “tuqueque” Mar?n

// Oliver

PS: Given that the MFT parser I’ve been working on requires admin privileges, I was considering to use the different icon colors as indicator as to what mode it is running in (e.g. with admin privileges or not). I’ll have to test it in Vista and 7 to check the feasibility, though.
PPS: Yes, I heard you. I am working on an alpha release that will have some of the new functionality (and a x64 version) so people who have been yearning for updates will have something to check out and provide us with feedbacks. Sorry for the long silence.

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13 Responses to Another logo proposal

  1. Ian says:


    Love the logo! (particularly the one with grey in it)


  2. Adam Dempsey says:

    I really like that logo!!

  3. stOrM! says:

    Looks clean and sharp I really like it!


  4. James says:

    off topic:
    you talked about an mft reader/parser but when i checked the code i didn’t find it anywhere so my question is: will you commit it to the repo ?

    And another question: this parser is ntfs only do you have any plans on making a parser for fat ? many usb sticks and memory cards use fat file system, so it might be useful.

  5. Lozzy says:

    Definitely a strong logo. I think the vector approach is much more sensible than the a bitmap would be.

    I agree with Ian, the two-tiered black/grey logo looks the best.

    And take your time with releasing the new version. Personally, I think it’s best if you are pleased with the work before releasing it. That said, I am eager to play with a new version 😳

  6. Oliver says:

    James, you are right, because a.) I prefer to develop such code separately and b.) I want to give that code a more lenient (non-copyleft) license when it’s done.

    As for FAT support in such a parser, nope. Not planned at all. This is not to rule it out entirely, but I don’t want to instill any hopes πŸ˜‰

  7. James says:

    I get it, i do the same thing πŸ™‚

    > I want to give that code a more lenient (non-copyleft) license when it’s done.

    But it will be open source/released right ?

    I’m looking forward to the code [put geek smiley here] πŸ˜€

  8. bastitch says:

    New logo looks amazing, when do we get to see it in action? 😯

  9. Samuel Bronson says:

    Speaking of the $MFT, are you going to also be making WinDirStat more accurate regarding NTFS metadata/storage? Like, charging MFT blocks to the appropriate files (while being careful not to double-charge for resident data), charging *all* non-resident streams to the relevant files — not just the normal data streams of ordinary files, but also Alternate Data Streams, the data streams of directories, and any other attributes that end up being non-resident?

    And, of course, charging for all whole blocks that are used?

    Here’s to hoping that the answer is yes!

    @James: Assuming that WinDirStat stays under the GPL, that will require that the source for the MFT parsing code be released. I’m guessing the idea is to allow people to use the code for other things, too, even where the GPL can’t be used or is at least undesirable (such as tools/drivers for the *BSD community, or things that use non-free code not considered to be part of the OS…)

  10. cavallogoloso says:

    This is GREAT! πŸ™‚ It would be nice if you can use it also for the splash screen… that other one was… bad πŸ™

  11. Oliver says:

    @Samuel: more accurate?`Not really, for ADS and Hardlinks the Win32 and native API will be sufficient. If the size of the MFT and other meta-files is known, this can also be displayed …

    And yes, it’s going to be FLOSS and non-copyleft, as I wrote. Although even in a GPL’d project we could have proprietary parts (consider an interface to a DLL under lenient license and the DLL closed source – but that’s not the plan).

    @cavallogoloso: I’m not sure a splash screen is necessarily needed. But it’s on the radar for the about box.

  12. cavallogoloso says:

    I’ve seen you decided to use this for the head of the blog: the “crispy” option is not that good… these logos are very good as they are. Your designer is very skilled πŸ™‚

  13. Oliver says:

    What do you mean by “crispy”? The fact that it is blurred? The blurred logo on top of a part of the cushions was used because blurred cushions looked bad with a sharp-edged logo. It also looked bad with sharp-edged cushions (like now) and shard-edged logo. I know I’m not a designer, but I didn’t want to use one of the stock photos and anyone skilled enough is free to contribute. The logos are all in our source repository in the form of .svg files (originally created with Inkscape). They can be found in the ./common folder. As with any Mercurial repository anyone is free to clone it …

    I should add: the plain logo wasn’t enough either because it’s not wide enough. I did consider, however, to use one of the colored logos (without text) to contrast the dark cushions. But then, I’m not a designer. Surprise me πŸ˜‰

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