Only recently I learned of a fork of WinDirStat on Github named altWinDirStat. You folks may want to check it out.

I hope in mid to long term we can join forces rather than having the code bases diverge.

// Oliver

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5 Responses to altWinDirStat

  1. Joseph DeVore says:

    Thx for the update and for your program,
    its handy when I am trying to find out why/when there is glut in the Windows User folder or in general what tiles across a drive are talking up the most space…

  2. Kelly Schoenhofen says:

    So I’ve been struggling along with the WinDirStat release for the last ~10 years, and I just saw today you have a bitbucket repo, new logos, lots of code activity, and there’s even a fork of your project on github.

    How does a non-developer get a new binary of WinDirStat then? The only thing I’ve been able to find are build instructions which start with “open up visual studio…”. I’m excited that this great program didn’t die off but I’m frustrated that:
    1) It’s really not clear to any outsider that WinDirStat is being worked on at all.
    2) It looks like there’s lots of work being done but I see no way to use a new version.

    -Kelly Schoenhofen

  3. Dan says:

    Wow, altWinDirStat is SO fast and I kind of like the way that he stripped it to the basic functionality, thank you for mentioning it. Of course, big thank You for starting the WinDirStat project in the first place.

  4. heffeque says:

    Any news on cooperation between the two?
    Any new version in the horizon?

  5. Oliver says:

    Hey, nope it doesn’t look like it. I asked the author of altWinDirStat (on the project’s issue tracker) after I became aware of the project, but he didn’t seem interested. He also isn’t interested in the internationalization efforts (translations). However, those things that don’t use WTL (whose license is incompatible with GPL) we can port back when and where needed and where it makes sense.

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