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Any pre-release versions (in short, not well tested).

To build WDS from the repo …

… you’ll have to have a 7.x SDK registered for any Visual Studio version before 2010. Currently I build with Visual Studio 2005, but solutions exist also for 2008 and 2010. The reason for this new limitation is that I … Continue reading

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MFT again

In order to implement this feature, there is a clear tradeoff: memory. The memory usage will, at least temporarily, spike more than it currently does. However, given that Microsoft surely has put a lot of thought into the structure of … Continue reading

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Betatest postponed

Hi, some people may have noticed that I moved to Iceland. This means big changes in my personal life, so that the beta test can not commence in November. I aim for end of January but I am not sure … Continue reading

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Mailing “list” for betatesters created

Hi, some days ago I created a mailing list (it’s actually only an alias diverting messages to all who are in the destination field) for the betatesters and sent the first message. If you did not receive one but already … Continue reading

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