Another re-release of 1.1.2 – only interesting for Dutch people

Tonight I re-released the installer for WDS 1.1.2 once more to include the Dutch translation which I had forgotten to include in the last update from September. So if Dutch is your mother tongue and you’d like to get WinDirStat in this language as well, install WDS over the existing 1.1.2 version to get support for Dutch.

Finnish and Estonian are in the works. The translators have already sent these translations to me – however, I did not find the time to fix the files and include them, yet.

Again, this re-release is only for Dutch (and Belge) people. You won’t miss anything if you don’t need this language.

// Oliver

PS: Feedback about the Dutch version is welcome. I guess some strings don’t fit again. This will hopefully be fixed with the next major release of WDS, since I intent to use dynamically sized dialog elements that fit the content for any supported language …

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