In need for Beta-Testers

We are currently in search for beta-testers.

The next final release will be preceded by a semi-public beta-test. I’d like anyone who is interested to reply here or contact me through the contact form on the website. There will be a beta-website that will be password-protected. You will be able to download the latest build there and report issues or see which issues have been solved in which build.

Contact me here

// Oliver

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10 Responses to In need for Beta-Testers

  1. benwaynet says:

    Is one of the fixes in this version a fix for the EMC celerra bug? If so I’d like to help beta test it.

  2. Oliver says:

    Not sure whether I get is right, but if this is the problem showing wrong file sizes on certain NAS solutions, yes there will be a workaround for this.

    Yet this is still a bug on the NAS vendor’s side 😉 … has been explained multiple times in the respective tracker entries.

    If it’s not that one, give me a pointer to what you mean.

    // Oliver

  3. benwaynet says:

    Sorry I missed the rest of the tracker 🙂
    I can test out your workaround if you need.


  4. melvynadam says:

    I’d love to help out with the next version. My username is composed of two names. Take the first and add the initial ‘m’ then

  5. Oliver says:

    Great, thanks.

    Note: you will be put on a list and everyone will be contacted by me once a beta is available. I guess this will be mid-November.

    BTW: I see your email address as the admin of the blog, so I’ll just use that one 😉

    // Oliver

    PS: Keep offering your time for beta-tests … we need a lot more people to have a representative beta-test …

  6. aadipa says:

    I would like to do a beta testing.

  7. Oliver says:

    Okay, I added your email address. Thanks.

  8. JameZUK says:

    Hiya, Can you add me as well? Cheers

  9. Oliver says:

    Sure. But are you sure the email address you gave during registration on the blog can be used to contact you about the beta-test? The “spam” before the @ does not look convincing to me. If this is the case, just send me a mail via the contact form linked from the article. I’ll then add the address from which you sent the mail.

  10. bpadinha says:

    You can count me in as well.

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