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Forced technical break

I dislocated my right shoulder a few days ago and will therefore not reply to emails or work on WDS in the next three weeks – minimum. Update: I’ll undergo orthopedic surgery on 27th of April, which will most likely … Continue reading

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More FOSS-like release-cycle

When the project was still under Bernhard’s rule, he was always going to release only versions that had passed his test plan. I hope to break this tradition soon and release more often and release earlier. My goal is to … Continue reading

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Translations in XML

Hi, just wanted to let everyone know that I am currently working out a format for what’s now the resource scripts in XML. You can find a first draft version in revision 174 in the Subversion repository. As you can … Continue reading

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Oh boy … (update)

The migration to Subversion apparently did have some cost attached to it. Just found out that for whatever reason the resource scripts have been garbled. Hmpf … Update: Actually the culprit must have been one of the editors used two/three … Continue reading

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WinDirStat fan art

Just recently Bernhard received fan art, from a WinDirStat fan and forwarded it to me. We got the permission to put it up on the website by the author, so I am doing this now and here. The image (thumbnail … Continue reading

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Poll about the future of WinDirStat

Good news first. Development on WinDirStat has officially resumed. Now the question. I know as a matter of fact that there is demand for a 64bit version of WinDirStat. However, since 64bit implies Unicode, there is no need to handle … Continue reading

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Update (… detected as trojan)

The company behind STOPzilla doesn’t seem to deem it necessary to react on a false positive report from someone who hasn’t bought their software. This means it could be that their software still detects WinDirStat and since I am not … Continue reading

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Argh … WinDirStat detected as trojan

STOPzilla, an antispyware is catching the most current WDS installation package as Zlob.YU. While one should never take this too light-hearted, the first reaction of the user who contacted me was of course rather in the direction of an accusation. … Continue reading

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Maintenance release

I re-released version 1.1.2 with two additional languages earlier today. Please note that I aim for a release with functional updates between around end of this year and beginning of the next year.

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Is WinDirStat Vista-compatible?

The short answer is: yes. The long one is: there is no reason why WDS wouldn’t be Vista compatible. However, depending on how you start it (elevated or not) you will not be able to see certain parts of the … Continue reading

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Juggling files? Try this …

I have to confess, I fell in love recently. Sounds weird? Right, it gets even more weird if I tell you that I fell in love with a file manager. The file manager is called Speed Commander (SC) and I … Continue reading

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WinDirStat causing blue screens?

Several users had contacted us and claimed that WDS caused their systems to show the dreaded BSOD. As a driver developer I know that this is impossible since no user mode program can crash the system with BSOD unless some … Continue reading

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<Unknown> keeping us busy

As before, the item keeps us busy. Last week a user contacted us through the blog and later through email and chat as suggested. As you know, the item just shows the discrepancies between the used disk space reported by … Continue reading

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Comments suspended.

Thanks to the ever-increasing amount and frequency of spam-comments, I removed the option for comments for now. However, I’ll attempt to work out a fix (possibly similar to the fix I use in the UVNC forum) and then enable it … Continue reading

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A user-contributed registry script

A user sent us the following registry script via the feedback mailing list. Thanks! Copy and paste it into a text file and save the text file with the file extension “.reg“. Make sure to modify the path in case … Continue reading

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