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Began signing the commits I make to the source repo

I have started to sign the commits to the source repository using GnuPG and will expect the same from future contributors to the project (although OpenSSL with X509 certificates will also be accepted, of course). It provides a level of … Continue reading

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The website is now also available via SSL. This also means that you will be able to use the contact page via SSL. // Oliver

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Cleanup actions, who uses them right now?

Hi folks, who of you uses the cleanup actions or even created their own? How complex are they? How difficult would it be for you if they got replaced? I suppose I would provide some rather trivial migration path, but … Continue reading

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To build WDS from the repo …

… you’ll have to have a 7.x SDK registered for any Visual Studio version before 2010. Currently I build with Visual Studio 2005, but solutions exist also for 2008 and 2010. The reason for this new limitation is that I … Continue reading

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WinDirStat icons

Hi folks, tuqueque sent me the logo project just recently. So tonight I sat down to play a bit with what we got. Since I’m not quite so brilliant with graphics, I had to rely on a little help from … Continue reading

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Another logo proposal

Hi folks, here is another logo proposal from Venezuela. Frankly, I find it more original than the logo suggested by Storm!. In a strange way it condenses the meaning of what WinDirStat does into a symbol. However, I found there … Continue reading

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Splash screen and logo

Hi everyone, Storm! has joined the team and provided us with a new logo and splash screen. Have a look. And please comment: // Oliver pier

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New project member

Please welcome our new project member Juan (aka neglox) 😉 // Oliver

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Need feedback

So far WDS has proven to be fairly stable, but there are people who claim to have seen mysterious crashes every now and then. Now my question: if I was to implement a method in WDS that allows me to … Continue reading

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MFT again

In order to implement this feature, there is a clear tradeoff: memory. The memory usage will, at least temporarily, spike more than it currently does. However, given that Microsoft surely has put a lot of thought into the structure of … Continue reading

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MFT woes …

Just a few comments on my progress. As it appears there is no way to get access to a volume unless one has administrator rights (or – presumably – the volume ACL was changed?). That, of course, creates the problem … Continue reading

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C’mon, keep it real guys

Recently I got an email asking for a trimmed down English-only version of WinDirStat. To be honest I was quite flabbergasted and upset. After all both developers involved in WinDirStat are native Germans, so why not make it a light … Continue reading

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Exploring …

After a user has provided feedback with a potential way of increasing the speed of a scan manifold, I’m currently exploring the USN journal as well as using the MFT (on NTFS drives only) in order to enumerate the contents … Continue reading

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Will resume development now

Although I’m not fully back to normal, I’ll start development again and hope to have a version ready around September. // Oliver

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Forced technical break

I dislocated my right shoulder a few days ago and will therefore not reply to emails or work on WDS in the next three weeks – minimum. Update: I’ll undergo orthopedic surgery on 27th of April, which will most likely … Continue reading

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